This year redefined fashion and beauty. For industry insiders, it was a year of contending with evolving shopping behavior, accelerated trends and new consumer expectations, spurred by technology and pandemic-overhauled priorities. And that’s not to mention ongoing economic instability and related logistical roadblocks. Companies managing to triumph through the tumult have a commonality in the form of team members who emerged as leaders. Thanks to their tenacity, initiative, speed or forward-thinking, these workers proved lifelines, growth drivers or difference makers in stabilizing the brand’s positioning or bottom line.

Others, meanwhile, enacted change on a more macro level, leading the landscape to a more positive place and, often, elevating their employer in the process. This list celebrates those executives. In rallying colleagues and innovating around shakeups, honorees defined style, set new industry standards and proved the power of collaboration. They also made industry-transforming deals, pioneered influential marketing strategies and solidified inclusivity as a movement, versus a fashion and beauty buzzword. Meet the 2022 Glossy 50.

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