A Framework for Success

Within Wharton’s premier MBA program, graduate students can take a multidisciplinary approach or delve deeper into a single area, including retail. Courses related to the retail industry cover retail merchandising, operations, pricing, behavior and digital marketing and e-commerce.

Graduate Courses


MGMT 610:  Foundations of Teamwork and Leadership
MGMT 611: Managing Established Enterprises
MGMT 612:  Managing Emerging Enterprises
MGMT 671:  Executive Leadership
MGMT 691:  Negotiations
MGMT 782:  Strategic Implementation
MGMT 788:  Managing and Competing in China
MGMT 793:  People Analytics
MGMT 801:  Entrepreneurship
MGMT 806:  Venture Implementation
MGMT 812:  Social Entrepreneurship


MKTG 611:  Marketing Management
MKTG 612:  Dynamic Marketing Strategy
MKTG 613:  Strategic Marketing Simulation
MKTG 711: Customer Behavior
MKTG 721:  New Product Management
MKTG 724:  Advertising Management
MKTG 725:  Principles of Retailing
MKTG 727:  Digital Marketing
MKTG 734:  Creativity
MKTG 739:  Visual Marketing
MKTG 741:  Entrepreneurial Marketing
MKTG 754:  Pricing Policy
MKTG 770:  Digital, Social and E-Commerce Marketing
MKTG 775:  Managing Customer Value
MKTG 777:  Marketing Strategy
MKTG 778:  Strategic Brand Management
MKTG 806:  Retail Merchandising

Operations, Information, and Decisions

OIDD 611:  Quality and Productivity
OIDD 614:  Innovation
OIDD 615:  Operations Strategy
OIDD 636:  Scaling Operations:  Linking Strategy and Execution
OIDD 654:  Product Management
OIDD 673:  Global Supply Chain Management
OIDD 697:  Retail Supply Chain Management
OIDD 777:  Introduction to Python for Data Science

Real Estate

REAL 721:  Real Estate Investments
REAL 821:  Real Estate Development
REAL 875:  Real Estate Disruptions
REAL 891:  Real Estate Entrepreneur

Global Modular Course

Global Modular Courses (GMCs) deliver global, experience-based learning to Wharton students in key business locations around the world. Our courses are led on location by our world-class Wharton faculty, linking innovative ideas to new business phenomena, contextualized both in emerging  markets and in developed economies.


Career Advising

We provide advice, resources and coaching for graduate students interested in a retail-related career.



We work closely with graduate student-run, retail-themed clubs, Wharton Graduate Retail Club and MBA Beauty Club, to enrich the programming, provide resources and facilitate networking and connections with industry leaders.

Wharton Graduate Retail Club
MBA Beauty Club