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The Center facilitates leading, state of the art research from our faculty across various disciplines and schools at Penn. The research influences critical areas of the retailing industry, including supply chain, e-commerce, and mobile technology. 

Research from The Journal of Consumer Research

The Impact of Payment Frequency on Consumer Spending and Subjective Wealth Perceptions

Wendy De La Rosa, Stephanie M Tully

Payment frequency is a fundamental yet underexplored feature of consumers’ finances. As higher payment frequencies are becoming more prevalent, consumers are receiving more frequent yet smaller paychecks. An analysis of income and expenditure data of over 30,000 consumers from a financial services provider demonstrates a naturally occurring relationship between higher payment frequencies and increased spending.


J.Liu, P. Yildirim, J.Zhang, Summer 2022, Journal of Economics & Management Strategy

Nancy P. Rothbard, Lakshmi Ramarajan, Ariane Ollier-Malaterre,

Serenity S. Lee

How Evaluation of Colleagues’ Disclosure, Gender, and Rank Shape Personal/Professional Boundary Blurring Online

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Gerard P Cachon, Tolga Dizdarer, Gerry Tsoukalas

Decentralized or Centralized Control of Online Service Platforms: Who Should Set Prices?

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Saerom Lee

The Myth of the Flat Start-up: Reconsidering the Organizational Structure of Start-ups

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