Jay H. Baker Retailing Center

Baker Retailing Center

The Baker Retailing Center is an interdisciplinary research center producing cutting edge knowledge
with both academic and industry applications to enhance all aspects
of the retail world.

The Death of the Great American Sporting Goods Industry
Center Director Barbara Kahn examines the transformation of the sporting goods industry.

Behind the Scenes with Warby Parker
CNBC chronicles the Warby store with co-founders Neil Blumenthal, Dave Gilboa, Jeff Raider and Andrew Hunt.

Can American retailers kick their discounts addiction?
Center Research Director  Denise Dahlhoff examines the benefits and drawbacks of promotions in retail.

Paul Charron named Chairman of American Apparel 
The former CEO of Liz Claiborne will be one of three new directors at the company.

CENTER STUDY: Who shops where and how? Depends on your age 
A joint study by the Baker Retailing Center and NPD Group Inc. shows that age dictates shopping habits.

Avon moving to the UK 
Center Director Barbara Kahn examines what lead to Avon’s decision to move to the UK.

CEO Profile: David Jaffe (W’81), CEO of Ascena Retail Group
Under David’s leadership the company and its eight nameplates have reached sales of $7 billion and growing.

Penn Fashion Week 2016 will feature “Fashion: Head to Toe”
The week of events is highlighted by keynote speaker Andrew Rosen,  Founder and CEO of Theory.

Window displays helping brick and mortar stores attract shoppers
Center Director Barbara Kahn explains how interesting window displays impact a shopper’s path to purchase.

Rubel Named CEO of Varsity Brands
Retail veteran Matt Rubel, member of the Center’s Advisory Board, was recently named CEO of Varsity Brands.

Spectacular Advice
Dave Gilboa (WG’85), co-founder and co-CEO of Warby Parker, talks about the good and bad advice he received while working to build a $1.2 billion company.

Why do Millenials prefer gift cards?
A recent study by the Baker Retailing Center and the NPD Group found that, based on customer receipts, gift cards are particularly popular with Millennials.

Are retail stores the new community centers?
Center Director Barbara Kahn examines this trend and explains why the threat of online shopping has forced retailers to think differently about their stores.

The strange life of Q-tips
Center Director Barbara Kahn explains the challenges of changing the way consumers think about a product.


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