Jay H. Baker Retailing Center

Baker Retailing Center

The Baker Retailing Center is an interdisciplinary research center producing cutting edge knowledge
with both academic and industry applications to enhance all aspects
of the retail world.

Are retail stores the new community centers?
Center Director Barbara Kahn examines this trend and explains why the threat of online shopping has forced retailers to think differently about their stores.

The strange life of Q-tips
Center Director Barbara Kahn explains the challenges of changing the way consumers think about a product.

E-commerce pushing cultural changes in business
Center Director Barbara Kahn explains how online shopping has forced cultural changes in the retail world.

Does personalized marketing really work for retailers?
Center Core Faculty member Kartik Hosanagar examines when recommender systems work well and when they don’t.

How holiday consumers are changing
Center Director Barbara Kahn examines the evolution of the holiday shopper and what it means for retailers.

Is the great American department store losing its way? 
Center Director Barbara Kahn discusses the challenges department stores are facing in today’s marketplace.

Retailers grow anxious as holiday shopping season looms  
Center Director Barbara Kahn explains how holiday shopping has become a 24/7 experience.

Do retailers really benefit by opening on Thanksgiving?
Center Director Barbara Kahn weighs in on Nordstrom’s Thanksgiving strategy and why it has been successful.

When big companies act local
Center Director Barbara Kahn examines Target’s strategy for rolling out lines of city-specific products in store.

Kohl’s to ‘relaunch’ Sonoma brand in new women’s clothing push
Center Director Barbara Kahn explains why large assortment variety can increase consumer demand.


February 5
Baker/FIT Invitational
New York City

February 16
Baker Lunchtime Speaker Series
Edwin Bragg, VP, Marketing & Communications, Shake Shack
Wharton School

February 17
Baker Lunchtime Speaker Series
Wesley Barrow, SVP, New Business, Yext
Wharton School

February 23
Baker Lunchtime Speaker Series
Jennifer Dimotta, VP, Omnichannel, Digital & eComm, Blue Mercury
Wharton School

February 24
Baker Lunchtime Speaker Series
David Tisch, Founder & Chairman, Spring
Wharton School

February 26
Wharton Graduate Retail Conference

March 1
Baker Lunchtime Speaker Series
Steven Silverstein, Chief Executive Officer, Spencer’s
Wharton School

March 16
Fashion Shark Tank

March 23
Baker Lunchtime Speaker Series
Philippe von Borries, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Refinery 29
Wharton School

March 28-April 2
Penn Fashion Week
New York City

April 19
Baker Lunchtime Speaker Series
Linda Heasley, Chief Executive Officer, Lane Bryant
Wharton School

April 26
Baker Lunchtime Speaker Series
Carlos Alberini, Chief Executive Officer, Lucky Brand
Wharton School

May 11-20
Wharton International Program Trip

May 24-26
Wharton Global Modular Course
Luxury Branding and Retail in Italy and Beyond

June 15
Summer Advisory Board Meeting & Alumni Social
New York City

Alumni Breakfast Event
New York City

For more information, please email bakerretail@wharton.upenn.edu