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Student Success Stories

Our students are transforming their lives through curricular and co-curricular learning. They are gaining knowledge, acquiring new skills, achieving objectives, and making an impact. They’re being featured in Teen Vogue, The Huffington Post, and Essence.  Learn more about some of our amazing students below!

Featured Student

Chiso Osuji (WG’25), Founder and Creative Director, Zena Ziora

  • Tanya Syngle

    Tanya Syngle

    The Ideathon was not about the presentation, but more so about the process of learning in the last 24 hours.

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  • Walter Little

    Walter Little

    The Baker Retailing Center has created a community of Retail-oriented students, faculty, and staff that I can reach out to about both professional and personal topics.

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  • Mitchell Harris

    Mitchell Harris

    Through talks facilitated by Baker events, I have been able to gain a better understanding of the complexity of the space so that I can hone in on areas of interest and impact in both my coursework and career.

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  • Edward Park

    Edward Park

    The Baker Retailing Center has acted as a career service for my varied interests in Retail.

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  • Catherine Ding

    Catherine Ding

    The Baker Retailing center was one of the reasons that initially drew me to Penn.

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  • Isabelle Bral

    Isabelle Bral

    The Baker Retailing Center has offered endless opportunities to learn more about the retail industry.

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  • Kaley Suero

    Kaley Suero

    The Baker Retailing Center helped me acquire an internship after my sophomore year and assisted with tuition through access to scholarships.

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  • Isabel Solares

    Isabel Solares

    The Baker Retailing Center has helped me better define my interests and passions through experiences.

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  • Franchesca de la Torre

    Franchesca de la Torre

    The Baker Retailing Center opened my eyes to the endless opportunities available in this fascinating industry.

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  • ​Allyson Ahlstrom

    ​Allyson Ahlstrom

    The Baker Retail Center provides amazing opportunities to learn from and connect with experienced retail leaders.

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  • ​Jameel Mohammed

    ​Jameel Mohammed

    The Baker Retailing Center really opened my eyes to the opportunities in the world of fashion. The Center offered me resources to learn about the industry not just from the fashion

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  • ​Rolanda Evelyn (C’16)

    ​Rolanda Evelyn (C'16)

    The Baker Retailing Center has always been one of my go to resources at Penn. The Center provides so many opportunities to learn about retail and meet with leaders in the industry.

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