Student Success Stories

Isabelle Bral

“The Baker Retailing Center has offered endless opportunities to learn more about the retail industry.”

I am a junior in Wharton concentrating in Management with a Specialization in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Marketing and Operations, and Retailing. My relationship with the Baker Retailing Center has mostly been through the Wharton Retail Club. I have been extremely involved in Wharton Retail Club since my first semester at Penn. Since then, I have held almost every position on the executive board. I have been lucky enough to go on treks that the Baker Retailing Center has organized. My favorite memory was during my freshman year. I was given permission to be the only freshman on the trip to New York to visit FIT, where we discussed a case, had a chance to explore the buildings, and create our own fragrance in their labs. Jay Baker also attended. The amazing treks that the Baker Retailing Center organizes have given me insights into the real-world operations of retail businesses. I have learned about the issues and solutions in retail from industry experts. I constantly try to keep up with any news about the industry. I also have directed my studies towards retail, as it is my second concentration. My family owns a retail chain of jewelry stores across Central and Southern California, and I hope to join the company one day.