Funded PhD Research

Valeria Stourm

Multi-Partner Loyalty Programs

Marketing Department; Faculty Adviser: Eric Bradlow

Multi-partner, or network, loyalty programs unite several, often non-competing companies under a single program. Using data from a Swiss program, this project explores how the design of network loyalty programs can be optimized; what factors (psychological, incentives, participating companies) determine customers’ patronage and loyalty towards network companies/product categories; and whether competing corporate participants might be beneficial. The findings might also be useful for umbrella branding strategies featuring sub-brands.

Publications, Presentations & Awards


Stourm, Valeria (2016), “New Insights From Emerging Types of Retail Loyalty Programs,” Dissertation, University of Pennsylvania, Chapter 2.

Stourm, Valeria, Bradlow, Eric and Peter Fader (2017), Market Positioning Using Cross-Rewards Effects in a Coalition Loyalty Program, HEC Paris Research Paper, No. MKG-2017-1242,