Funded Phd Research

Valeria Stourm

Multi-Partner Loyalty Programs

Marketing Department; Faculty Adviser: Eric Bradlow

Multi-partner, or network, loyalty programs unite several, often non-competing companies under a single program. Using data from a Swiss program, this project explores how the design of network loyalty programs can be optimized; what factors (psychological, incentives, participating companies) determine customers’ patronage and loyalty towards network companies/product categories; and whether competing corporate participants might be beneficial. The findings might also be useful for umbrella branding strategies featuring sub-brands.


Stourm, Valeria (2016), “New Insights From Emerging Types of Retail Loyalty Programs,” Dissertation, University of Pennsylvania, Chapter 2.

Stourm, Valeria, Bradlow, Eric and Peter Fader (2017), Market Positioning Using Cross-Rewards Effects in a Coalition Loyalty Program, HEC Paris Research Paper, No. MKG-2017-1242,