Funded PhD Research

Hengchen Dai and Cindy Chan

Don’t Tell Me What to Do! Consumer Reviews are Valued Less for Experiential Purchases

Operations and Information Management Department, Marketing Dpartment; Faculty Adviser: Cassie Mogilner

This research explores how shoppers rely on consumer reviews for experiential purchases (such as restaurants, movie theaters) compared to material purchases (such as electronics, clothing). This insight can help improve retailers’ marketing strategies, e.g., by fostering word-of-mouth recommendations and shoppers’ seeking out of consumer reviews, especially if the reviews are positive. For example, if shoppers value reviews of experiential purchases less because of their presumably unique tastes, would highlighting or sorting reviews by reviewers’ demographics, consumption habits, or preferences increase shoppers’ consideration?

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Dai, Hengchen, Cindy Chan and Cassie Mogilner (2015), “‘Don’t Tell Me What to Do!’ Shoppers Rely Less on Consumer Reviews for Experiential than Material Purchases,” Working Paper.