Madewell Working with Ambassadors Outside of the Traditional Fashion Space

According to a third-party study that Madewell commissioned, “those who saw our fall campaign ads drove outsized branded search growth by 55%,” compared to those who were not exposed to Madwell ad content during this time,”

For the past three seasons, Madewell campaigns have asked one question: “What are you made of?”

None of the campaigns have featured traditional fashion models or fashion influencers. In its first iteration, the brand featured actor Issa Rae. Then, last year, expanding on the concept, it tapped comedians Chloe Fineman, Phoebe Robinson and Hasan Minhaj. Now, for its third iteration, the spring 2022 campaign, Madewell has linked with culinary stars Padma Lakshmi, Antoni Porowski and Sohla El-Waylly.

Since its original inception, the campaign has spoken to the “emotional connection” people have with Madewell, said CMO Derek Yarbrough. “We think there’s a strong connection between self-expression and creativity. We stand for denim, and we believe that denim is the perfect canvas for self-expression.” Repeating the campaign concept with different talent in different industries has allowed Madewell to play on these key facets of its brand identity in multiple ways.

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