How Fashion Brands are Scouting for Metaverse Talent

But for new hires, Fahey said the Sotheby’s team is being less restrictive with its experience requirements than it normally would. Candidates for metaverse roles don’t necessarily need to have a lot of work experience in the space.

“It’s ever-evolving as are our needs,” Fahey said. “We’re looking to draw from across experiences, coupled with a knowledge of the Web3 space. It’s not necessarily more difficult to find candidates who fit, but it is a more niche field.”

The concepts of NFTs, the metaverse and Web3 seemed to explode in popularity from nowhere in the last year. Dozens upon dozens of fashion brands have jumped on the NFT train, and huge companies like Meta, formerly Facebook, have put big bets on the entire Web3 space.

But to expand, you need people. And fashion companies are going on hiring sprees to find new talent who can help them explore the metaverse. Nike is hiring five full-time positions related to the metaverse, and Balenciaga announced in December that it’s building an entire metaverse department.

But the space is incredibly new and brands can’t just ask for “five years experience” with a concept that’s barely a year old. To find the right talent, they’re broadening their search horizons, seeking people with a mix of tech skills that they hope will help them adapt to a rapidly growing, and rapidly changing new industry.

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