Glossy 50: The people who shaped fashion and beauty in 2023

For fashion and beauty, 2023 has been a wild ride. Companies in both categories are finishing the year forever changed, having spent 12 months contending with unprecedented headwinds, overhauling central strategies, rallying teams around new ideas and placing big bets. Rather than wait for the next shoe to drop, those that are emerging victorious took action that proved beneficial, either by changing customer perception, innovating a product segment, setting a new industry standard or striking a common nerve — which, for some, meant going viral. And their success can be credited to the bold leaders who stepped up.

In their seventh annual list, Glossy celebrates those individual changemakers. They include executives who took their companies into new, competitive categories, industry newcomers who disrupted age-old processes, dealmakers who led groundbreaking partnerships and creatives whose work managed to cut through the noise.

Meet the 2023 Glossy 50 HERE.