Leonard A. Lauder Retail Excellence Dinner

The recent Retail Excellence Award dinner, hosted by the Baker Retailing Center and the Retail Leaders Circle at the iconic Rainbow Room in NYC, was a high-profile event that honored Leonard A. Lauder, Chairman Emeritus of The Estée Lauder Companies. This prestigious event drew notable figures from the worlds of retail, finance, and beauty.

Carlotta Jacobson, President of CEW, expressed her gratitude for being part of the celebration, noting, “Leonard has left an indelible mark on the beauty world,” and praising his passion, creativity, and dedication. Beauty industry veteran JuE Wong shared insights from Lauder’s acceptance speech, emphasizing his advice to always remain curious and prioritize people, as business is a deeply human pursuit. Wong also mentioned Lauder’s personal gesture of writing thank you notes to everyone he meets.

Recalling her first encounter with Leonard, Jacobson shared a story from her early days as a beauty editor, illustrating the down-to-earth nature and familial charm of the Lauder family. Another poignant anecdote came from Sally Susman, Executive Vice President at Pfizer, who recounted an experience that showcased Lauder’s willingness to go the extra mile for others.

Thomas S. Robertson from the Wharton School praised Lauder’s impact beyond the beauty industry, citing his business acumen, global vision, and innovative ideas. Jacobson echoed this sentiment, highlighting Lauder’s visionary approach that redefines beauty and inspires confidence and uniqueness in individuals.

This event not only celebrated Lauder’s professional achievements but also underscored his profound impact on individuals and the industry as a whole, making it a truly memorable occasion in the retail world.