Baker Executive Speaker Series: Mark Yuan & Zoe Yu Zhang

Mark Yuan,

Mark Yuan has been a leading expert in live stream e-commerce since 2016. He is co-founder and CEO of two fast-growing companies. And Luxe Inc was founded in 2009 in New York. Under Mark, and co-founder, Zoe Yu Zhang’s leadership, And Luxe Inc introduced live stream selling to 200 brands successfully and was named the best live stream company in 2018 and 2019 by Alibaba Group. The company currently focuses on developing executable programs for companies to build their own live stream capabilities. In 2021, he co-founded a technology startup, Wonder Live Shopping, a technology platform that enables American brands and retailers to connect and sell to their customers interactively, socially and conveniently without any tech integration, coding, or significant investment.


On Markers Of Brand Success: We’re looking at many data signals to determine sensitivity to earnings per share drivers. We also have a consumer survey where we survey people on brands and whether they like it or not. There’s also cultural relevance, which is a little trickier. It’s magic and logic. Retail is a willingness to pay model.


Zoe Yu Zhang,

Zoe Yu Zhang and Mark Yuan, launched And Luxe Inc in 2009, which aimed to become the bridge between Western brands and the Chinese market. Since then, Zoe has served as its Chief Buyer and Creative Director. In 2016, Zoe was the creative force behind And Luxe’s shift to live stream shopping and one of the original group of live streamers that pioneered this new way to sell. In 2017, she was a panelist at the e-Commerce Conference in China where she was invited to share her expertise in cross-border e-commerce and live shopping. In 2018, under Zoe’s leadership, And Luxe team was awarded the Taobao Global Best Livestreamer of the Year Award. In the same year, And Luxe’s success story marketing American and European brands was featured in Alibaba Group’s Best of 2018 presentation. Zoe earned two separate degrees in Fashion Design and Advertising Communications from Instituto Marangoni and the University of Bedfordshire respectively in the United Kingdom in 2004. The following year, she immigrated to the United States and started her career as a fashion designer at Vandale Industry.


On Providing Value To The Consumer: We have to show up really authentically across the spectrum of consumer ages. Brands sometimes decide they want a particular group and ignore the group they already have. That’s not necessary to do. The conversation we’re having is, ‘How do we develop timeless style through storytelling and community?’