Baker Executive Speaker Series: Alex Norton & Sohiit Karol

Alex Norton,

Alex Norton (he/him) leads product design at Google DeepMind where he examines the potential of emerging AI research through a people-centered approach to responsible innovation. He is co-founder of Google’s People + AI Guidebook and has mentored startups on the intersection of business, AI, and design. Previously, he’s led design at Google Travel for AI-powered trip-planning. His visualizations have been featured at TED, Tribeca Film Festival, and in Times Square NYC. His work has appeared in Wired magazine, the New York Times, and in Nature and Cell scientific journals.



On the Personification of Media Channels: “Before social media, news was really centralized, but now of course it’s very fragmented. And there’s an upside that with AI, your experience is really personalized, but of course it can drift from the normative views and experience. And it’s a question we’re working to figure out — to what degree is personalization useful?”


Sohiit Karol,

Sohiit J Karol (he/him) leads the UX Research team for Google Search Real World Journeys vertical. He leads a multidisciplinary team with expertise in design, behavioral science, applied economics, AI and more. Prior to Google, he worked at Spotify where he shaped Spotify’s personalized playlist experience for products like Discover Weekly and Daily Mix. Sohiit advises top VC firms and business schools on emerging technologies and responsible product design. He holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Applied Kinesiology, and Human Factors.


On the Usage of AI for Creating User Profiles: “One of the prominent methods that researchers use is surveys, and another that my team use quite a bit is ethnographic research. We need to not only understand what they’re saying, but the context in which they’re saying that — the unsaid norms.”