Baker Executive Speaker Series: Adam Ross

Adam Ross,

Adam Ross is the co-founder and former CEO of skincare brand Heyday, as well as a seasoned professional with over 24 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions, entrepreneurship, and leadership. With a background in advising Fortune 500 companies, private equity firms, and hedge funds, Adam has a proven track record of creating value and fostering growth. Having raised over $250 million for businesses he co-founded or invested in, Adam is deeply committed to elevating performance and interactions for greater impact and fulfillment. Ross continues to serve as a board member for Heyday and coastal lifestyle brand Serena & Lily, while maintaining his role as a Senior Partner at Protea, a private equity firm focused on disruptors in consumer brand categories. Ross holds both an undergraduate degree from the University of Sydney and is a CFA charterholder. Additionally, he is also a member of the board of the Jay H. Baker Retailing Center of The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where he received his MBA.



On Leadership: “I can’t emphasize enough the importance of talent…when you get the right people, great stuff happens… [and] the more transparent and open you are, it makes it easier [to move the company forward].”