Jay H. Baker Retailing Center

Baker Retailing Center

The Baker Retailing Center is an interdisciplinary research center producing cutting edge knowledge
with both academic and industry applications to enhance all aspects
of the retail world.

How does “membership” affect buying behavior?
Center Core Faculty member David Bell discussed the concept of “membership” at the 2015 Digital Now Conference.

Is “showrooming” hurting retailers like bookstores?
Center Core Faculty member Stephen Hoch talks about this practice and the impact it’s having on U.S. retailers.

Do entrepreneurs really need to take risks?
Neil Blumenthal, Warby Parker Co-Founder and Co-CEO and member of the Center’s Director’s Council, provides his response to this question.

How Kohl’s Took the Road Less Traveled to Be a National Retailer
Jay Baker, former President of Kohl’s and Chairman of the Baker Retailing Center Advisory Board, discusses the company’s successful transformation.

Mobile-Game Makers Try to Catch More ‘Whales’ Who Pay for Free Games
Center Director Barbara Kahn comments on why mobile-gamers are willing to pay for instant gratification.




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