Student Success Stories

Isabel Solares

“The Baker Retailing Center has helped me better define my interests and passions through experiences.”

I am a current Wharton senior studying Finance and Marketing with a minor in French. I’m one of the co-presidents for Wharton Retail Club and have held other positions in the club during my time at Penn. We coordinate a lot of our events with the Baker Retailing Center and we are in constant communication to ensure that our members are aware of the amazing opportunities and resources that Baker can offer them. Having the opportunity to interact with and learn from industry leaders has been an incredible and truly meaningful part of my time at Penn. For example, I had the opportunity to have lunch with the CEO of Fendi, which allowed me to better understand the brand management behind a luxury brand and how that is changing in the modern digital world. I am really interested in the growing importance of mobile technologies and their intersection with retail. I worked at MasterCard this summer with the digital payments team and I learned about multiple technologies that are changing the way we do commerce, such as wearables, digital wallets, and other mobile applications.