Congratulations to Wharton MBAs Libie Motchan and Daniel Nelson, co-founders of the startup company Fulton! Fulton is a modern brand of arch support insoles. What makes Fulton insoles distinctive is that they are crafted from all-natural materials instead of the gels, foams, and plastics that go into most insole brands.

“Support and sustainability are widely overlooked in the footwear industry, and Fulton is changing that. We leverage all-natural materials to provide a custom molded fit, supporting the body and the planet.”—Daniel

Libie previously worked in digital marketing and brand health at IBM. Daniel is a former McKinsey consultant. When they met at Wharton, they discovered they shared a susceptibility to foot and back pain, but were put off by the geriatric-oriented, unsustainably-made insoles that were on the market. Thus the idea for Fulton was born.

All of Fulton’s materials are plant-derived, from moldable cork to cactus leather and rubber latex foam. The cork they use is entirely harvested by hand, and their manufacturer’s machines run on renewable solar energy.

Fulton is headquartered in New York City and so far is carried in four retail stores across the U.S. We wish these talented entrepreneurs all the best in their endeavors!

“Penn has been an incredible ecosystem to start a company. We’re so inspired by the great consumer companies that were built before us: Warby Parker, Allbirds, Harper Wilde, Burrow (to name a few). We’ve had such great mentorship and support from our community.”—Libie

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