Student Success Stories

​Jameel Mohammed

Jameel Mohammad, Philosophy, Political Science, & Economics

“Throughout my time at Penn the Baker Retailing Center has been an invaluable resource as I’ve sought to turn my passion for design into a real, working business. Throughout my time at Penn I have worked to found my own fashion line, and the Center has provided me with the knowledge, relationships, and expertise, to build it into what it is today.”

The Baker Center has been perhaps one of the most valuable parts of my Penn experience. I came to Penn with a design background, but very little knowledge of how the industry worked from a business perspective. Baker provided me with countless opportunities to learn more about the business, and through classes with the Center’s Director Barbara Kahn, and countless seminars, conferences, and keynote addresses, I was able to get a really solid foundation in the workings of the retail business. But even more, I was able to build a network of industry leaders who, like the Center’s own staff, have a personal investment in seeing me succeed. It’s that personal connection–and a real sense of empathy and compassion from the Baker team–that has been so central to the successes I’ve seen thus far.

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