Funded PhD Research

Polly Kang

Consequences of Negative Emotion Displays – When and How to Express Negative (Instead of Positive) Emotions to Gain More Trust

Management Department; Faculty Adviser: Maurice Schweitzer

In the modern economy, it has become important for companies to focus their energy on providing good customer service experiences to customers and gain trust. This is why many companies impose emotional labor on customer service representatives (Grandey, Rupp, and Brice, 2015). However, many companies train employees to express positive emotions and suppress negative ones. A prior study by Kang and Schweitzer demonstrates that expression of negative emotions can help boost trust.

In this upcoming project, the authors wish to explore when and how individuals should display their emotions in order to gain others’ trust. This research has important practical implications – how companies can boost customers’ trust by knowing when and how to express negative emotions, rather than sticking with strictly positive emotions.


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