Funded PhD Research

Jackie Silverman

Hot Streak: The Importance of Consistency and Patterns in Repeated Behaviors

Marketing Department; Faculty Advisers: Deborah Small, Alixandra Barasch

In this project, we examine what role consumers’ patterns of past activity can play in their actual and perceived likelihood to continue engaging in the activity. Our work thus far shows that consumers who miss the chance to do a repeated activity are less likely to continue doing the activity because they feel their momentum in doing the behavior—in other words, their streak of doing the activity consistently—has been broken. Additionally, we find that people are seen as more committed and more likely to continue engaging in an activity if they have a recent streak of doing the activity, as opposed to if they have a more random pattern of past behavior. This work is relevant to retail companies because it provides a new avenue for increasing consumer engagement; for example, our research suggests that companies could increase a consumer’s likelihood to purchase or visit a retail location, as well as perceived brand loyalty, by highlighting patterns of streakiness in the consumer’s previous interactions with the company.


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