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The Baker Retailing Center helps translate retail business challenges into research projects, generating insight for the retail industry based on rigorous academic analysis. This section highlights select research by Wharton faculty . You’ll find brief descriptions of each project at the hyperlinks below.

Faculty Research


Compensation Schemes

Consumer Buying Behavior

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

E-Commerce & Omni-channel Retailing

Retail Assortment & Category Management

Retail Channels

Retail Communications

  • Bradlow, Eric T., Andres Musalem, and Jagmohan S. Raju (2008), Who’s got the coupon? Estimating Consumer Preferences and Coupon Usage from Aggregate Information, Journal of Marketing Research, 45 (6).
  • Blumenthal, K. and Kevin Volpp (2010), Enhancing the Effectiveness of Food Labeling in Restaurants, JAMA, 303(6): 553-554.
  • Drèze, Xavier and Joseph C. Nunes (2006), Your Loyalty Program Is Betraying You, Harvard Business Review, 124-131.
  • Raju, Jagmohan S. and Sanjay K. Dhar (1998), The Effects of Cross-Ruff Coupons on Sales and Profits, Management Science, 44 (11), Part I of II, 1501-1516.
  • Sajeesh, S. and Jagmohan Raju (2009), Cost Leadership, Differentiation and Niche Strategies: Impact on Positioning and Pricing.

Retail Location Strategy

  • Bell, David R., Teck-Hua Ho, and Christopher S. Tang (1998), Determining Where to Shop: Fixed and Variable Costs of Shopping, Journal of Marketing Research, 35 (3), 352-369.
  • Cachon, Gérard, C. Terwiesch, and Y. Xu (2005), On the effects of consumer search and firm entry in a multiproduct competitive market, Marketing Science, 27 (3), 461-473.
  • Choi, Jeonghye, Sam Hui, and David Bell (2010) Spatiotemporal Analysis of Imitation Behavior Across New Buyers at an Online Grocery Retailer, Journal of Marketing Research Vol. XLVII (February 2010), 1-15.
  • Drèze, Xavier, Stephen J. Hoch, and Mary E. Purk (1994), Shelf Management and Space Elasticity, Journal of Retailing, 70 (4), 301-326.
  • Vitorino, Maria Ana (2008), Empirical Entry Games with Complementarities: An Application to the Shopping Center Industry, working paper.

Retail Pricing

Retail Store Design

Supply Chain Management