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Insights into the evolving world of modern retail from academics and industry leaders at the Baker Retailing Center’s recent conference. 

Panel discussion featuring members of the Baker Retailing Center’s Director’s Council

What Digital Disruptors Can Teach Traditional Retailers  – Knowledge@Wharton

Highlights of the conference program

Marketing Tips for 21st Century Retailers – Wharton Magazine

Summary of keynote presentations

Consumer Response to the Evolving Retailing Landscape – Marketing Science Institute (MSI)

Summary of presented research in progress

Research on Current Retail TopicsBaker Retailing Center

Conference pictures

Conference speakers on Wharton Business Radio on Sirius XM 

Interviews by Wharton School hosts Barbara Kahn, Patty and Jay H. Baker Professor, Professor of Marketing and Americus Reed, The Whitney M. Young Jr. Professor, Professor of Marketing, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania


Joann Peck, Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Wisconsin, on the role of interpersonal touch in marketing and consumer decision making  

Tom Robertson, Former Dean, Joshua J. Harris Professor of Marketing, Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania on luxury pop-up stores

Leonard Lee, Associate Professor and Dean’s Chair, National University of Singapore

Peter Verhoef, Professor of Marketing, University of Groningen

Interviews by Dan Loney, host of Knowledge@Wharton Business Radio

Katherine N. Lemon, Accenture Professor, Carroll School of Management, Boston College and Executive Director, Marketing Science Institute, and Frank Grillo, Chief Marketing Officer, Harte Hanks on the changing customer journey

Andrea Morales, Lonnie L. Ostrom Chair in Business and Professor of Marketing, Arizona State University, on the paradox of how aesthetic products can backfire   

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